Global Day of Action Menu of ideas

To help you plan your day of action on 16 June, you may wish to pick and choose from our global day of action menu of ideas below – or you may have some original ideas of your own. We hope you will certainly choose the campaigners’ essential – which is quick and easy – and will help us spreading our message to a huge number of people. The other menu items serve as inspiration for your own action, but you are of course also free to organise something different.

Campaigners’ essentials

  • Make some social media noise: Strengthen your media voice by letting it be heard on social media. Comment on CMC’s Facebook wall about your activities; respond to other people’s comments or pictures; discuss news stories; ‘like’ CMC’s Facebook page; and update your Facebook profile photo with the Stop Explosive Investments campaign logo. Tweet using hashtags #banclusterbombs and #disinvest and change your Twitter photo to the campaign logo. Upload action photos to your Flickr account. Upload videos of your action to your YouTube channel and share them with the CMC.

Small actions

  • Are you funding cluster bombs?: How many people know about the dirty business of their banks and other financial institutions funding cluster munition producers? Find out who is in the ‘Hall of Shame’ in your country and encourage people in your network to question their banks’ policies regarding investing in cluster munition producers. Here are some ideas of what you can aks your supporters to do.
  • Make some media noise: The Worldwide Investments in Cluster Munitions; a Shared Responsibility report is popular with the media. Why not launch it in your country on 16 June. You can use our template media release and staff can support you to tailor your messages. Try to get an op-ed in a national paper, a research paper in a magazine or organise a press conference. Contact the CMC team for any support or questions you might have about your media activities.
  • Hold your government to account: Arrange a meeting with government officials to discuss your country’s position on disinvestment, and to discuss the findings of the report. Better still, hold a report launch event and invite cross-party officials and others. You could also organise parliamentary activity, such as questions in parliament, or a meeting with a relevant committee.


Large actions

  • ‘Bankers wake-up call’: Organise a bankers wake-up call by visiting the headquarters/a branch of a financial institution in the ‘Hall of Shame’ and greeting banker workers outside with an early morning cup of coffee as they arrive. Engage them in a conversation about the unethical business of their employer. You can film your action and share it on social media or with the press.
  • Outdoor actions: If coffee isn’t your thing, you might consider something else to get your bank’s attention, for example bring a banner, flyers and/or a loud speaker to the financial institution. Or hold a silent protest in front of the bank: gather a number of campaigners, bring banners and information materials, and stand still in front of the bank in protest against the bank’s investments in cluster munition producers. You could even dress as cluster bombs! Hand out flyers to make sure that people can find out why you are doing this. Circulate photos or film your action.


Tell us about your actions!
If you decide to organise an action, let us know what you’re doing!