Investments in cluster munitions producers

The ban on cluster bombs

In 2008 governments negotiated an international treaty, formally known as the Convention on Cluster Munitions, that bans the use, production, stockpiling and transfer of cluster bombs. It also prohibits all countries that have joined the Convention to assist anyone in any activity banned under the Convention, such as the production of cluster bombs. As of 3 December 2020, 123 countries have joined the Convention.

Stop investing in cluster bomb producers

Regardless of the horrendous effects of cluster munitions, these weapons continue to be made. Several producers of cluster munitions are corporations that rely on external funding by banks, insurers and other financial institutions.

To monitor and stop the flow of funds to corporations that still manufacture cluster bombs, the Cluster Munition Coalition set up the ‘Stop Explosive Investments’ campaign. PAX now leads this campaign and regularly publishes an update to the report on investment in cluster munitions by financial institutions. The goals of the campaign are to raise public awareness about investments in cluster bomb producers, to encourage financial institutions to stop investing in cluster bomb producers and to articulate clear policies on ethical investment in that respect, and to urge governments to take a stand against investment in cluster munitions.

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